About us

The beating heart of Kup i Mieszkaj is its team of experts with considerable experience in real estate who will assure the success of your project. Our team includes sales, marketing and customer service professionals. Our mission is to facilitate your property development process.

KiM’s offer is intended for real estate developers and investment funds all across Poland regardless of their scope of activities. Both beginner investors and multinational corporations use our services.


Who am I?

Jacek Piotr Kacprzyk

Jacek Piotr Kacprzyk


‘KiM’ (an abbreviation of the Polish name of ‘Buy and Live’) – is the result of over ten years of experience on the real estate market. I began my professional career as a consultant, which gave me valuable experience related to property development project assistance as I reached assigned goals and built long-term relationships with my clients. I hold a postgraduate diploma (issued by SGH Warsaw School of Economics) for completing the postgraduate manager course for real estate developers sponsored by PZFD (Polish Association of Developers).

My company’s mission is to provide comprehensive assistance to property development projects related to product creation, sales and marketing. We also conduct analysis and analytics of relevant commercial activities. Currently, KiM’s experts work all over Poland, ensuring the success of their assigned projects, fulfilling sales plans and increasing the profitability. Customer satisfaction is our key to innovative solutions, which can improve our processes. By the same token, we endeavour to make each assisted project a small masterpiece, thus ensuring even more projects come our way.


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